Conference Programs:

At the 4th International Congress of Developing Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism of Iran several programs are intended in order to fulfill many purposes of Conference . All attempts of selfless Council, policy makers and implementers of this Congress is that participants have taken extrimity advantage of their every valuable minutes. Not only optimal utilization of Congress set up period, but effective communication after Congress held in order to continue this international important move and executing practical results of Congress set up, are from purposes of this Congress held.

Here is declaring some of programs assigned in Conference :

•participating More than 3,000 individuals Activists of , Civil Division, architecture, urbanism and the country environment including academics, scholars, policy makers and administrators, students, and interested relevant organizations, consulting engineers, contractors and professionals

• Key speeches and Scientific Meeting

• Speech internal and external experts and prominent professors and holding specialized panels

•presenting Superior accepted papers (oral and poster)

• Exhibition for introduce the Company and related businesses,products and services

• specialized workshops training

• photo competition in theme of axis of Conference

• Conducting scientific - Special Roundtable to examine the challenges and opportunities associated with Conference topics

• Attend a meeting of senior officials of the country as the sponsors of the conference

• selecting the top of Conference included top papers, TOP Specialist panel, top companies, top participant, best booth, best sponsor, best picture ...

• Technical Tours and sightseeing

• Hold a conference press a month and two weeks before Conference and Exhibition for better coverage of this important international event

• formally invitation of all relevant government agencies and private sector managers


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