Speech by Chair of the Congress, Eng. Farhad Alizadeh Afshar 

Using the opinions and specialty of university and industrial elite society for planning to reinforce industry cycle and products in different areas of agricultural sciences, natural resources, environment and tourism and using new findings for localizing and using new technologies in the world is an important need. It a long time that sustainable development is the axis of all related scientific societies. Global gathering in Rio De Janeiro in 1992 causes turning point in the history of thought and view toward development and that is due to misconduct and bad teachings resulted from it by generations who desires to access to quick development and economic benefits while they do not consider the points they lose. Sustainable development was first raised officially in 1986 by global environment committee and it was shaped as follow in mid 1990’s: economic growth and social development is done such that environmental capitals and development requirements for next generation will not be impaired. Sustainable development means managing and protecting natural resources, agriculture and environment and part of administrative structure and revolution in optimal use of tourism such that continuous supply of the human requirements and satisfaction of current generation and next generations are guaranteed. Such sustainable development (on agriculture, natural resources, environment and tourism) is accompanied with protecting land, water, general plant & animal reservoirs, it is not accompanied with environmental destruction and uses proper technology. Economically, it is sustainable and it is acceptable socially. In this regard and considering international aspects, the sustainable development of Iran regarding its special geographical location is at a stage of development such that the sustainable development should be considered under any condition.

4th International Congress of Developing Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism of Iran with the motto of sustainable development a way toward future development is an opportunity for gathering of pundits, specialists and scholars in agriculture, natural resources, environment and sustainable tourism. Holding such conferences provides the possibility of exchanging ideas and creating scientific relationship with universities and specialized centers of Iran and world about common concepts of sustainable development in agriculture, natural resources, environment, tourism and other areas related to axes of conference. The main focus of conference is on recognizing opportunities and challenges in agriculture, natural resources, environment and tourism and struggle for providing scientific approaches for more growth and development of this industry. In this regard, honorably we invite all specialists, experts, students, researchers and scientists from scientific, research and industrial centers to participate in diverse plans of this conference as an important international event and provide the access to above goals upon providing latest scientific and executive achievements. Sincerely


Eng. Farhad Alizadeh Afshar

Chair of Congress        

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