About Tabriz 2018 

About Tabriz 2018:

Tabriz 2018: you can this phrase in most of the streets in Tabriz. Do you know what Tabriz 2018 is. Islamic Conference Organization known as Organization of Islamic Cooperation started a plan since 2015 named as introducing the top tourism city of Islamic countries. In this plan, a city from among Islamic countries is introduced as top tourism city of Islamic world annually. In first introduction, Ghods, Palestine was chosen in 2015, Konya, Turkey was chosen as second introduction in 2016, Medina, Saudi Arabia was chosen in 2017 as third introduction and finally Tabriz was chosen as fourth introduction in 2018 as top tourism city of Islamic world. This selection was done in the meeting of senior experts at 9th conference of tourism ministers of the member states of Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Niamey, capital of the Republic of Niger. Before the selection, Tabriz and Yazd from Iran were introduced as candidate regarding the choosing criteria and Tabriz could win this title.

Fortunately, strong and positive stroke was established in Tabriz upon struggle of Tabriz Municipality and help of Media and Environmental Propaganda, the people are aware of this phenomenon. Tabriz people warmly welcome Tabriz 2018 and it is expected that the tourists of Tabriz 2018 be surprised of such positive wave.

Holding such conference along with this international important event is a very good opportunity for Iranian researchers to participate in this international important conference and at attend in this big event, i.e., Tabriz 2018, and to benefit all the programs of this event.

  • Top Tourism City of Islamic World:

As it is known from the title of Top Tourism City of Islamic World, this selection was done based on historical, cultural and religious factors. Tabriz Metropolis could introduce itself as the most modern, most health, most beautiful and most developed city of Iran in the world. Considering the important indices of this title has much importance. Most foreign tourists do not travel to Tabriz to see towers, advanced shopping centers and likewise, if there are such criteria, cities such as Dubai will be good choice. Certainly, considering historical, cultural, social and religious backgrounds is the most important success factor in Tabriz 2018. Tabriz history and civilization is remarkable and exemplary and it is one of the things which can be worked on and use as strong point. Having modern and eye-catching towers, luxuries hotel, and big shopping centers can be used for completing this goal and not be used as haves. Such other facilities and infrastructures should be used fully for this final goal.

Role of Hotel and Commercial- Welfare Centers in Tabriz 2018:

The role of hotels and commercial-welfare centers is inevitable in supplying the goals of Tabriz 2018. The welfare and comfort of tourists should be provided in highest level. Futurism and considering long-term investment is very important for absorb more tourists. Whereas the members of (organization of Islamic Cooperation) OIC member states are from Islamic countries and other countries are not in this organization. Proper hosting of these countries and propagation of this proper host by them can make Tabriz 2018 as global opportunity and not merely limits it to Islamic countries. Tabriz could guarantee the future of tourism in this city and even in Iran upon having hotels and commercial- welfare centers with good greeting, excellent serving and receiving proper cost.


Role of Other Cities and Provinces in Tabriz 2018:

Tabriz progress is the total progress of Iran and the progress of any reason of Iran is progress of Tabriz. It is most probable that the tourism who comes to Iran from another country to visit Tabriz, he visits Shiraz, Isfahan, Tehran, Yazd and likewise and etc. having arranged and executed the agreement of developing Tabriz tourism with other cities, the power of all cities is concentrated in Tabriz as a focal point and then to whole Iran. The number of OIC member states is 57 countries that mean if a country has one representative in a year, after Tabriz 2018, more than 54 countries will have representative. If it proceeds in this way, at least more than 54 years is required that Iran has opportunity. So it can be concluded that Tabriz 2018 opportunity mean Iran 2018 opportunity.

Tabriz 2018 Transnational Event makes this city as tourism symbol. All international 2018 fairs of Iran are held in Tabriz:

Zahra Ahmadipour, vice-president and head of the organization of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism stated “Tabriz has much importance as tourism capital of Islamic world in 2018. It is not such that one city is selected from among hundreds of cities. This thought is wrong while Tabriz is being selected as tourism capital of Islamic world in this year due to its capabilities.”

Ahmadipour said “national and provincial headquarters were established for this event and we should investigate the problems, available capacities I all three mission areas of this organization with each other to benefit such capacities for introducing Tabriz as symbol of Iran tourism”.


  • Holding international fairs in Tabriz in 2018:   

In continuing, vice-president mentioned her consultations with minister of industry, mine and trade and said “In a consultation with Mr. Nematzadeh, it was agreed that all international fairs which are going to be held in Tehran, are transferred to Tabriz.

Head of the organization of cultural heritage handicrafts and tourism declared “international fairs and congresses will be held in Tabriz and in scientific seminars, we will hold historical tourism tours to Tabriz and I believe that the capacities of this city should be introduced more.

He continued “We should act such that if it is agreed to choose another city as tourism capital of Islamic World, Tabriz is mentioned as an example and this metropolis is raised as a pattern.” 

Head of the organization of cultural heritage handicrafts and tourism at the end of his talk noted we all help together such that in Iran history, such hosting for tourism capital of Islamic countries is registered in Tabriz like what is registered by Tabriz people in past.


Printing the logo of Tabriz 2018 on National Players’ Cloths in World Cup:

Zahra Ahmadipour in common meeting of national headquarters policy making and Tabriz 2018 provincial executive and programming headquarters declared that, in order to hold the best of this great event, we need common participation of all provinces. It is an international event, she also explained: all road, air and rail networks should advertise this great event (Tabriz 2018) as every incoming passenger from all over the world being informed of this event at the time of his/her entrance to Iran.

Also she emphasized: the logo of Tabriz 2018 should be printed on the national players’ cloths, the athletes of country should be propagandist of this great and important event. 

She added that Tabriz isn’t an ordinary city but an ancient city with strategic and effective position in state tourism development.

At the end, she again mentioned the high capacity of East Azerbaijan in tourism, and noted any exclamation for reaching the determined goals in Tabriz 2018 is not accepted and this event should be held best since choosing other cities of country for international events depends on hosting manner of Tabriz 2018 event and this event will be a start.




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