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Wise Professors, Respectable Researchers and Dear Students First time the word "Sustainable Development" was discussed officially by global commission on environment in 1986 in the report (Our common future) and in the middle of the 1990s was formed this way that the economic growth and social development should be in a way that do not deficit the environmental capitals and the developmental needs for future generation. By now three deca...


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Dr. S. Safarzadeh Shirazi


Innovation is the progression factor of developed countries and the regret factor of developing countries. Nowadays, technology plays basic role in improving the peoples’ lives. Along with economic growth of societies, the pressure on natural systems and resources of earth was intensified...

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Dr. Katayoun Varshosaz


Destruction of natural environments and increasing the percent of different pollutions resulted from executing infrastructural and industrial plans especially in urban and rural areas and endangering natural and human resources are the problems which are considered in ...

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Eng. F. Alizadeh Afshar


Using the opinions and specialty of university and industrial elite society for planning to reinforce industry cycle and products in different areas of agricultural sciences, natural resources, environment and tourism and using new findings for localizing and using new technologies in the world is an important need...

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About Tabriz

Tabriz 2018: you can this phrase in most of the streets in Tabriz. Do you know what Tabriz 2018 is Islamic Conference Organization known as Organization of Islamic Cooperation started a plan since 2015 named as introducing the top tourism city of Islamic countries. In this plan, a city from among Islamic countries is introduced as top tourism city of Islamic world annually. In first introduction, Ghods, Palestine was chosen in 2015, Konya, Turkey was ...

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